My Garden

This is a blog I made to keep track of my garden.

Small harvest on 9-1-14

Garden update 7-2-14. I’ve been working so much I can’t give my garden any time, It looks a mess this year.

Just got done doing some work on the garden. I added two new tomato plants, a better boy and a big boy. I cleaned out my old box but I’m not sure what I’m want to do with it yet. I also made a cage to keep the birds out of my strawberries.

Cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, green bell peppers, and yellow bell peppers, and 24 strawberry plants.

My Garden 6/2/12 (by yellowmello)

We need rain bad here, I’m sick of going out and watering every other day. 

Back when I did not know anything about doing a garden. I used this old box to plant 4 tomato plants.  I want to clean this old box out and do something with it but I don’t know what yet. I would be nice to make a big strawberry bed out of it.